Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Raiders: Cheating Female Dogs

Although that take is about as fresh as your typical Steve Bisheff column.

LaDainian Tomlinson's bruised ribs were caused by a little extra curricular activity (the kind endorsed by John Madden) at the end of a play against the Raiders on Sunday. Raiders linebacker and NFL jobber Darrin Clark was caught on tape jamming his fist into Tomlinson's ribs at the end of a play in the second quarter.

The came on the heels of earlier players where Clark had pulled out a foreign object from his football pants but swung and missed as he also misfired when he tried to throw salt in Tomlinson’s eyes. He is no Ric Flair.

The media was tipped off by an email to a local San Diego television station by a fan who had caught Clark in the act. The running back, being the man that he is, did not want to harp on the injury or bring it to light, but did confirm it on Wednesday.

"I will say somebody must be paying close attention to the play if they saw that," Tomlinson said during his weekly news conference. "It was a situation where, being the Raiders, you kind of expect it to happen."

Said quarterback Drew Brees: "I heard the guy was giving him a little bit extra at the bottom of the pile."

A Raider?

"Yeah, imagine that," Brees said.

Raiders coach Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and defensive coordinator Mr. Fuji were unavailable for comment. If Tony Dungy was the coach of the Raiders, you know he would be defending Clark's actions by saming something like there were two teams out there flying around trying to win a ballgame. You can read the rest of the story, here.

This obviously will be the highlight of the Raiders season as you can imagine their fans pumping their fist and saying, "That's Raiders football."

Being 4-8 is Raiders football.


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twin_daddy said...

Damn! Dig back to 1985 for that lil' gem of a movie, Adam. Can you think of any other gay cowboy movies prior to "Brokeback Mountain" while you're waxing nostalgic?!

Seitz said...

When they say "He Is Man" Pundit, do they really mean Heisman Pundit? WTF?