Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Peyton Manning is a Punk

Don’t mess with the Mullet! Titans Coach Jeff Fisher was still furious that Peyton Manning is trying to supplant his brother, Eli Messiah, as the biggest weasel in the NFL. With 24 seconds left in the first half and Indianapolis ahead 14-3, Manning took a knee, indicating the Colts would run out the clock and head into the locker room.

But as players, coaches and staff from the Tennessee sideline began to make their way across the field toward the locker rooms, Manning and the Colts acted as if they were going to run another play, perhaps looking to get a penalty called against the Titans for too many men on the field.

Fisher called it "absurd" and "ridiculous."

"I don't know what would motivate somebody to do that, especially after you come under center, you kneel the ball and you flip the ball to the official and you go toward the sideline. To me, that should fall under the category of unsportsmanlike conduct," Fisher said.

"There is nothing positive to gain from that situation other than pushing and shoving and those kinds of things on the field. I don't understand, (but) they don't need to explain it to me."

Titans cornerback Pacman Jones and Colts running back James Mungro collided as the odd events unfolded, with Mungro losing his mouthpiece before shoving Jones in the back.

He said the Colts may have been thinking, "We are going to see if we can snap the ball and maybe get a penalty for having 75 guys, 10 trainers and four doctors on the field rather than 12. … That is their deal.”

Great, now people are going to start being sympathetic to the 1972 Dolphins. It seems like a typical Manning bush-league maneuver, which should be good news to fantasy football owners as the whiner is going to break rules to keep up his stats. Manning is now starting to resemble one of those pseudo-good guys in wrestling that pretend to be fan favorites, yet their underhanded actions always seem to show them to be the a-holes we knew that they were.

The world will now be rooting for Shawne Merriman to break his leg in two weeks.

The Titans also complained that the Colts were using "leg whips" against the Titans players, charges that Colts coach Tony Dungy shrugged off. "I saw two football teams playing hard. Did we bend a few rules and pull some underhanded (expletive)? Sure we did. But if you have been a perennial loser for as long as Peyton and I have been, you don’t mind when you break a few rules."

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Charger Ray said...

The Mannings are all jerks. How sweet would it be for the Colts to go into the game vs the Bolts at 13-0 only to have the Chargers defense knock Peyton out for the rest of the season. Bye bye Super Bowl hopes.

NFL Adam said...

I know it is not cool to root for player injuries, but Manning is asking for it. If Earl Hickney and Carson Daily have anything to say about it ...

bill simmons said...

wishing for a player's injury? that is even beneath me. the internet sure is an angry place.

Blogger said...

actually, that was a perfectly fair move,and rather clever is you ask me. these people are paid professionals, and Manning was doing his job.

Rooting for a guy to get hurt is for losers. Seriously. Jeff Fischer is wining because he lost, and if steve mcnaire has pulled something like that people would be crowing about how they pulled one on the Colts

I'm just wondering why Peyton wasted it in such a useless game. he could have saved it for the playoffs