Thursday, December 29, 2005

One Nebraska Fan is Happy Today

Of course we would be talking about the most-famous former University of Nebraska student Tommy Lee.

You know Lee was likely throwing a huge Cornhusker bash at his Beverly Hills estate (hopefully away from the pool) rooting on his favorite football team. Because you know that from watching Tommy Lee Goes to College, his love for Nebraska was pure. If you were too busy making a sex tape to see the game, our pals at the Sports Pulse have put together a pretty good rundown of the game's final play. Be sure to check it out.

Why should today be the day you start working when you have avoided it all week?


Benny said...

Great picture of Tommy Lee. That show was an underrated show. Some of it you can tell was staged but hilarious overall.

Still can't believe they didn't score that play. Horrible calls by the referees. How can there be zero flags on that play?

NFL Adam said...

Do you remember the scene during finals week when Tommy's dorm buddy was offering encouragement and was about to say something along the lines of "Don't worry, you're ... " but he stopped just short of saying that Tommy was smart? One of the best moments in TV history.