Thursday, December 15, 2005

NFL Doing Its Part for Hurricane Relief

Do not say that the NFL does not care.

The NFL and the Players Association on Wednesday agreed to a negotiated bonus for the Saints for the 2005 season for performing under unusual and unanticipated conditions arising from Hurricane Katrina. Players will receive $40,000 for each Saints player who has been on the roster for the entire regular season.

It is good to see that the NFL millionaires are being well taken care of by the league. It is not like 40 percent of the city is still without power. Nearly 80 percent of the city is still dispersed while a quarter of the residents that do remain do not have water or gas. At least they have their priorities together, such as requesting an additional $30 million to add luxury boxes with glass walls in the Super Dome.

But hey, the Saints will receive more than $2 million in bonuses from the league. That is double than what the league had donated to the Katrina relief efforts. Maybe they should give the Giants another home game and run another faux telethon that had the sincerity of that LA guy in a club claiming to be a movie producer.

And if you are going to talk about restitution, maybe it is time to give the Cardinals players some bonuses for having to play for that rancid franchise. Talk about your suffering. Discuss it in the Hater Nation Forums.

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