Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Matt Leinart Hits the Town

Everybody seems to be having a good time with USC quarterback Matt Leinart and this candid photo from a post-Heisman party.

But remember one thing: This guy beat your favorite college football team by 50 points.

While Leinart was out partying in the hottest club in New York City last week, you were stuck at home watching Saturday Night Live (which probably sucked again). Who is laughing now?

For more on the story you can check out the DeadSpin. Which, incidentally, is where we ripped this photo from. A new "Last and Ten" will be up around noon PST, so be sure to check back.


benny said...

Looks like he's really sad from losing the Heisman. How bout the witch in the back?? Would hate to see that mugg in the morning.

NFL Adam said...

Where is his wingman, Reggie Bush?

Scott said...

Yeah, he's really hurting by not being in the NFL this year. While Leinart was drunk and feeling up this hot broad, Alex Smith was trying desperately to scrub the stank of Marcus Tubbs's sac off his forehead.

Richard Simmons said...

This guy needs a friend to take him outside the bar, remove the beer goggles and slap him hard upside the head. The only thing worse than having those Texas hos shoot you down would be waking up next to them.