Monday, December 26, 2005

Making Jump from High School to NFL

Some NFL teams have finally taken a stand to allow 18-year olds into the league. That is a good thing. But not in terms of letting guys like Maurice Clarett or Mike Williams into the league early.

Instead, it is decisions by teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that allow 18-year old girls to be a part of its cheerleading team. And thank God there are no player-hating league officials who are opposed to this move. But then again, the NFL front office is filled with horndogs.

And that is just the women.

Tampa Bay’s Kayla Drawdy was recently interviewed in Playboy, becoming the second cheerleader in recent months to appear in the magazine. Sadly, she was the second consecutive cheerleader to not pose nude. Obviously she is not over the hill enough for Playboy’s standards (like former cheerleader Lisa Guerrero). At least she did not have some fabricated story about Chris Simms being trapped in her shower during a road trip.

Playboy: How did you get into cheerleading?
Kayla: I cheered in middle school and high school partly because I liked the dancing and partly because I liked to watch football. Buccaneers cheerleaders only have to be 18, so after high school I went straight to the big league.

When you want to talk about the decline of NFL cheerleaders, there are those that will point to the influx of high-school girls who did not learn the proper skills in college. Can a high school girl drive a guy like Rae Carruth to murder? Probably not.

Playboy: What kind of women become NFL cheerleaders?
Kayla: Everyone on the squad is either a student, like me, or a career woman. We have an attorney, a dentist, a teacher, and a speech pathologist.

Yeah, every strip club in America is filled with women who are studying to become a doctors or accountants. We are not buying it. Many of the Bucs cheerleaders likely use the rap of, “Hey this is a my first week cheerleading. In fact, this is my first game.”

Right. And keep in mind, the two Panthers bimbos caught having sex in a bathroom stall were a student and a nurse.

Playboy: Ever have ego clashes?
Kayla: Our team is not catty—which is hard to find when you are dealing with more than 30 women who spend so much time together. We get along. We’re like an NFL sorority.

Still, it is hard to convince anybody that they are closer than the Panthers cheerleaders. Nothing says teams unity like a bathroom sex and drunken brawls.

Playboy: Do you have a favorite moment?
Kayla: When we won the Super Bowl in my first season. We spent six days in San Diego practicing what we’d do if we won. Then when we did we were like, “What are we supposed to do again?”

It sounds like the Bucs cheerleaders were about as prepared as the Raiders.

Playboy: What did you do?
Kayla: I intercepted one of Rich Gannon’s passes, which gave me as many receptions as Tim Brown.

Alright, we made that last part up. Discuss this broad in the Hater Nation Forums. Steve Bisheff will likely stop in to give his take on the young lady.

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

I'm totally into this 18-year old Tampa chick. But why not yield all for Playboy?

And I know Lisa Guerrero's kinda old, but over the hill? C'mon, she's pretty hot.

Check out the story and link to the Guerrero Playboy spread here.