Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lisa Guerrero: Myth Buster?

Sports Illustrated caught up with Lisa Guerrero and got to the bottom of this whole nonsense of baseball wives nude modeling and their husband's career. You can read the interview here.

Most of the interview centers around Guererro and her notion that she is a real sports journalist. She is just a journalist that likes to pose in bikinis, lingerie, and now nude.

Just like Dan Rather.

But she finally got down to business at the end of the interview to take a shot at another outspoken baseball wife. Early this week, Anna Benson, pinup wife of Mets hurler Kris Benson, blasted the team for threatening to trade her husband if she poses in Playboy. Did your shoot have any bearing on your husband's free-agent negotiations?

Guerrero: (laughs) It would be ridiculous for me to assume that me posing in pictures would have any effect on his career. I think it'd be silly for people to assume he was a better or worse pitcher based on pictures of his wife.

Or is it? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Scott Erickson: 1-4, 4.06 ERA, 15ks, 25 walks, and his wife Lisa Guerrero is posing nude in Playboy.
Kris Benson: 10-8, 4.19 ERA, 95ks, 49 walks, and his wife Anna Benson is not posing nude in Playboy.

Maybe a player’s career does have a bearing on the playing career of her husband. Erickson, whose wife is dropping the robe, cruised through nearly the entire 2005 season on the Dodgers injured list. He made Benson look like Nuke Laloosh when he was holding out on Annie Savoy. And we bet Benson did not even have to wear a black garter. Still, neither pitcher was set the league on fire. Maybe there is a theory in there. Maybe the hotter your wife is, and the more skin she is willing to reveal, the worse a player will perform.

That sure explains why Kurt Warner was the talk of the NFL for a number of years. Let that be a lesson to all of you young players out there.

Talk about it in the Hater Nation Forums. And seriously, we are above asking you to vote for the Hater Nation in the Weblog Awards. If you are looking for photos from her Playboy shoot, you can check out NFL Spam for the nude photos. (Sorry, no nudes here.)

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