Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hugh Millen Has A Point

Former journeyman quarterback Hugh Millen did not do much during his tenure with the Los Angeles Rams. But he did manage to snag a cheerleader, Lisa Guerrero, who is featured in this month's Playboy. Millen was engaged to the former hostess on The Best Damn Sports Show Period and sideline reporter on Monday Night Football but eventually upgraded to model Michele Millen. The Seattle Post Intelligencer asked Millen if he planned to get a copy of the January Playboy.

Millen quipped: "I’ve already seen the 22-year old version (of Guerrero), why would I want to see the 42-year-old version?"


We are pretty confident a picture of Michele Millen will surface in the Hater Nation Forums.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

I've met Hugh Millen before. The guy's nothing to write home about and HE slept with Lisa Guerrero? Shit, 'bout time I get myself a hot cheerleader girlfriend.

Here's more on the Guerrero playboy spread.

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She's hot hahah that's the only thing I can say because I never hear about her..

Anonymous said...

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