Thursday, December 01, 2005

Great Moments in Raiders History

The 2000 AFC Championship Game

The Raiders, in their third year under Jon Gruden, looked like they had finally put it all together notching a 12-4 record in 2000 and having the third best offense in the league. The Raiders clinched home-field advantage and seemed like a lock to reach their first Super Bowl since 1983 until Tony Siragusa knocked out quarterback Rich Gannon with a belly flop.

For once, the fat ass was good for something.

The injury ended Gannon’s day and the Raiders season as some fans felt it was a cheap shot by the NFL’s worst current commentator (now that Michael Irvin is suspended). Was it a cheap shot? Was it dirty?

You bet your ass it was. That is what made is so sweet. The Raiders have this “rough-and-tumble” imagine, the persona that they commit all of these unnecessary roughness penalties. And yet, there they were crying because the Ravens defensive tackle was a little mean to their quarterback. Share some of your greatest moments in Raiders history in the Hater Nation Forums.


Joe McDonnell said...

Hey Adam...the Raider stuff is hilarious!! And the Cole Ford post is priceless. Hope all's well....

Lil Hater said...

Siragusa's take on the Gannon hit:

"My wife takes my full weight every night and I don't hear her complaining."

Sapp should do the Raiders a favor and accidently fall on Kerry Collins. Five times in a row.

twin_daddy said...

I can hear that cheapshot master Wisniewski screaming into Gannon's ear "C'mon! Get up, you pussy!" as Gannon remained down on his knees in agony from that Siragusa "Goose Dropping". I can remember when the Raiders coming to town was actually an event to anticipate. Now it's just a campy stroll down memory lane.