Wednesday, December 07, 2005

From the Desk of: Lil' Hater

The Murph was no place for man, woman, child, or inanimate creatures on Sunday Night. Seriously, the last time I showed up for a tailgate party some 300-pound Raiders fan tried to use me for kindling. So I stayed home to watch the game.

What a freaking mistake.

These were actual comments about Norv Turner made by the idiotic Sunday Night football crew in the fourth quarter. I, unlike the proprietor of this site, was not drinking straight vodka so I heard them correctly. I almost punched the TV set when I heard this stuff, but then I remembered that I did not have opposable arms. I almost threw myself into a BBQ pit after hearing these gems.

Theisman: "He's a guy who'se honestly been good wherever he's been."
Lil' Hater: Except for those seven years in DC, two years in Oakland, and 1 year coordinating in San Diego and Miami, yeah, I guess you're right.

Maguire: "The guy has a brilliant offensive mind."
Lil' Hater: One of the great fallacies in NFL History. None of his Redskins and Raider teams have come close to leading the league in offence or points scored. He has consistently managed to underuse his best offensive player, from Stephen Davis to Ricky Williams to LT and now to Moss. And unfortuantely Paul, a head coach also needs his team to play defence, special teams, not quit, and play smart, disciplined football.The only time he seemed to play well was when he had two Pro Football Hall of Fame players in Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith.

Patrick: "Two years just isn't long enough to turn a team around."
Lil' Hater: Teams go from worst to first all the time now in the NFL. See Chicago and the Giants this year. The expansion Jaguars and Panthers made the playoffs two years after being formed. Idiot.

Hey Norv, enjoy coaching at San Diego State next year. And you can hang with Lil' Hater in the Hater Nation Forums.


Benny said...

Those two fools are two of the worst in the announcing booth. What's going to suck is Theismann will be doing Monday Night football next season. Brutal on the ears!!

NFL Adam said...

What is the lineup going to be? Theismann and Michaels on MNF. And is it Costas and Madden on NBC on Sundays? I need to get to the bottom of that.