Friday, December 30, 2005

The First Rule of Lakers Fight Club

Is that you don't talk about Lakers Fight Club!

Kobe Bryant is a model teammate. The New York Post reported Friday more about a major confrontation between Bryant and teammate Lamar Odom after the Lakers’ loss at Washington.

The confrontation reportedly led to smashing of lights and damaging of a TV monitor belonging to the Lakers' flagship station in front of the visitors’ locker room. Bryant was angry at Odom for supposedly botching a pick-and-roll that was to set up a three-point shot for Bryant that could have tied the game. And you know better than to get in Bryant’s way when he is hoisting up when of his 60 bricks per game.

When the pair got closer to the Lakers' dressing room, Bryant was yelling at a screaming Odom and went after him. In doing so, The Post said Bryant kicked over the lights and a chair holding the TV monitor. Bryant’s security force of two quickly intervened and separated the pair. Come on Kobe, again with trying to bend people over a chair? You would have figured that he would have learned by now.

The pair again exchanged heated words and challenges in the locker room and that the tension was so intense one of the security guys accompanied Odom to the back of the charter bus and sat nearby on the trip to the airport while the other sat in the front with Kobe, the last member of the Lakers to board.

The police later questioned Bryant who pointed out that Shaq used to do it all the time. Obviously Kobe does not know the first rule of Lakers Fight Club. Don't talk about Fight Club in the Hater Nation Forums.

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