Friday, December 30, 2005

A Chip Off the Old Block

That was something we haven’t seen around here in a long time.

A Leaf throwing a game-crippling interception.

Oregon quarterback Brady Leaf, brother of former San Diego Charger Ryan, threw an interception late in the fourth quarter as the Ducks lost to Oklahoma, 17-14, in the Holiday Bowl. When asked about the throw following the game, Brady stood up and yelled at the reporter to, “Knock it off.”

Or at least he should to keep another family tradition alive.

Brady was booed when he entered the game during the Ducks third possession and again when the sadist working the scoreboard put up a graphic indicating Brady and Ryan were brothers. Give the kid a chance at least.

The crowd was thrilled when Leaf threw the game's final interception. The Chargers may not be going to the playoffs this year, but at least the fans can rejoice in the misery of the Leaf family.

The Hater Nation would like to offer its congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners for finally finding a bowl game they could win. It must be a refreshing change from losing in the BCS Championship Game in horrific fashion every year. Oklahoma and coach Bob Stoops should stick to playing against unmotivated Pac-10 teams every postseason.

In an ironic twist, the victory was so welcome in the Oklahoma that celebrating fans actually started putting out the fires that had been raging in the Sooner state. Talk about it in the Hater Nation Forums.

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