Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Welcome to Hater Week!

Hi, my name is Dalton and you might remember me from the movie, Road House. I have been hired by the Chargers to regulate the crowd here at Qualcomm Stadium this week. If you thought the Double Deuce was tough, it is nothing compared to a Raiders game in San Diego. It is especially daunting being a night game, with gives Chewy and the rest of his posse a chance to knock back a couple of extra Tecates. It won’t be pretty. But for me, pain don't hurt, so I will tell the homeboys to bring it on.

That is why I have three rules for Raiders/Chargers week. The first is to never underestimate your opponent. Even if he is a skinny fellow in a wife beater tank top. If he is a Raiders fan, he likely has a knife. Two, take it outside of the stadium. You don’t want to be beating the crap out of some Raiders fan and make the people miss a huge LT scoring run. And three, be nice. Remember these rules because it is my way or the highway. It also won’t hurt to stick around for Hater Week here at the Hater Nation.

I am ready to go this week. And you need to be ready for this week, too. If you are new to the site you might want to get up to speed with the Raiders fan by reading our award-winning series, Raiders in the Mist. You can read the original by clicking here. Raiders fans in Las Vegas is here. And do not miss Raiders Fans at Dodger Stadium here.

Check back all week for Hater Week and be sure to stop by the Hater Nation forums by clicking here.


Scott said...

Dude, sing "She's Like the Wind" during halftime. It'll totally kill.

NFL Adam said...


twin_daddy said...

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Scott said...

They're not little known.

Top Thirty Chuck Norris Facts