Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A-Rod to Star in Rounders 2

The New York Yankees have warned Alex Rodriguez to stay out of seedy Poker Clubs because it is harmful to his image as a playoff choker. Rodriguez, as reported by the New York Daily News here, has allegedly been frequenting the clubs with professional gambler Phil Hellmuth, along with other celebrities such as Hank Azaria and Macaulay Culkin. Rodriguez still ranks as the biggest mark in town, what with his high salary and his propensity for coming up small in clutch situations.

Why is this big news? After watching A-Rod in the playoffs, it should be no surprise to anybody that he just folds most of the time.

You Know Your Teams Has Reached the Big Time When ...

Your team is spoofed by a WWF superstar. Victoria, one of the WWF Divas, appeared on RAW at the Anaheim Pond on Monday night wearing a White Sox hat in an attempt to draw a heated reaction from the Angels fans in attendance. I watched the Angels win its first championship in 2002. But nothing could make me more proud than to see a professional wrestler spoof my team. That is when you know your team has arrived.

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Romo said...

That dude in the photo has some serious pecs. Wonder what he's using to get that?

Anonymous said...

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