Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Panthers Cheerleader Update?

Tampa Police Department officers arrested 10 people on Sunday outside Raymond James Stadium accusing them of operating a mobile strip club in the parking lot during the Bucs vs. Bears game.

Undercover officers fumbled upon the business running under the name Déjà Vu when they found them distributing flyers promoting the mobile strib club. Police found several bouncers and dancers inside the 40-foot-long 1987 motor home. It is not known if it was Renee Thomas (the hot one) and Angela Keathley working together to pay some legal bills in Tampa. Sgt. Bill Todd interviewed here, said that "the other thing the undercover officers observed, that at least two of the young ladies while engaged in lap dancing began performing oral sex for the patrons, on each other, not on the customers."

But Todd did not suspect Thomas and Keathley because the oral sex was performed out in the open, not in the motor home's restroom.

If you want to see the broads that were arrested (and you probably don't), check out Scott's Buc Stats site by clicking here. And don't forget the Hater Nation forums, here.


Ron Franscell said...

It apparently all began earlier this season when a Bucs tailgater's wife asked him if he had enough buns for the hotdogs.

insider said...

Great coverage. I think you'll enjoy our wall-to-wall coverage as well.


We're pointing to you.

TJ Rubely said...

Is it my imagination, or does that chick actually look better in her mug shot than in her promo photo?

NFL Adam said...

It is not your imagination at all T.J. She looks much better in the police booking lighting.

And thanks for the hook-up, Insider!