Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No Soup For You

All of those fans that booed Donovan McNabb during the 1999 NFL Draft look like soothsayers on Tuesday morning. They must have known that McNabb would be the biggest underachieving quarterback to hit Pennsylvania since Neil O'Donnell was giving away balls in the Super Bowl.

The time has finally come to recognize McNabb for what he really is—a product of media hype. A guy that became a legend more for his endorsement contracts than his ability to win football games. History should remember his three jokes in the NFC Championship Game or his vomiting in the Super Bowl.

Or better yet, those awful Campbell's Soup commercials.

You can take your Sports Illustrated or Madden cover jinxes, but give credit for Campbell’s too. Kurt Warner, Reggie White, and Terrell Davis went from Super Bowl heroes to zeroes after signing up to pitch the product. Davis injured his knees, Warner went back to looking like a former AFL quarterback, and White turned into a black Rush Limbaugh.

Serves them right for using actresses instead of their real moms. (Or in Warner's case, his wife who looked older than his mother.)

Jerome Bettis, Brian Urlacher, and Michael Strahan, who all hawked the soup, are kindred spirits with McNabb—media monsters who are famous for playing football instead of winning at it. Quick, try to think of the time McNabb put his team on his shoulders and carried it to victory. You cannot do it. The only thing you can think of is all of those camera shots of his mother (not an actress) cheering him on in the stands.

McNabb's career was summed up in the moments after he threw the Eagles season away to the Cowboys Roy Williams. McNabb seemed to have no ill effects of the sports hernia when he ran for a touchdown and showed the worst dances moves for a quarterback since Daunte Culpepper. But McNabb was limping around the field after he was blocked following Williams’ touchdown return. Professional wrestlers wished they could sell an injury so convincingly. Al Michaels and John Madden were quick to say that the injury was hurting his passing. How could you tell? It is not like McNabb is an accurate passer.

The Eagles season appears finished and McNabb might not be returning to the lineup anytime soon. But then again, look at the bright side Eagles fans, you can always catch a glimpse of your hero on those Campbell’s commercials.


Brian in Rochester said...

Those "fans" who looked like soothsayers were booing the choice of McNabb over Rickey Williams.

Yea, THAT Rickey Williams. You know, the Rickey Williams who flaked out and left football for a year because he wanted to smoke dompe? The Rickey Williams who was only pursuaded to come back to football because the Dolphins were threatening to rip the signing bonus out from under him? The same Rickey Williams who will quit football again as soon as he knows he has his ganja and tofu supply secured for the next 40 years?

Yea, those "fans" sure looked like a bunch of rocket scientists.

Well, minus the creepy hitting on other dudes wives part.

Anonymous said...

What about Edgerrin James?

Anonymous said...

You must just be trying to get a rise out of the Eagles fans by making that asinine comment. I hate the Eagles and their fans, but I can still recognize that McNabb is a very good QB. He has thrown for 20k yards, 134 tds rushed for another 2.5k and 21 tds. A 104.7 passer rating on his way to leading his team to the SB in 2004. I can go on and on. Other than Manning and Brady, who has been better over the past 4+ years? Go look up the Eagles win/loss stats since he has been the starter. Give me a break. I hate the fact that I find myself sticking up for a friggin eagles player. This is what you have brought me to.

-Brian at Boston Sports Massacre

Anonymous said...

McNabb is a solid QB. He's good... but unlike Manning or Brady or Carson Palmer, he's not gettting any better. He peaked!! Defenses are learning how to play him. He hardly ever looks off receivers so DBs are reading his eyes. That's what happened in last years SB and Roy Williams is quoted in saying, "I was just reading Donovan's eyes." and that's what he does when the pressures on. But you know... he's a good QB.

Lawrence said...

I was wondering... Just 2 years later, if this opinion is still considered out of line being that McNabb is clearly not as great a QB as his P.R. Dept. has hyped him to be. "I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team."


Brian in Rochester said...

Put Manning, Brady or Palmer with Philly's piss poor running game and they could have thrown that lead away as well. A team that is up by 2 scores in the 4th quarter that can't run the ball is a team waiting to lose.

Anonymous said...

Brian Westbrook is a good running back. You have to ask yourself if the Eagles can't run the ball or if they don't want to run the ball.

The Beard said...

Curious why you think football is not coming to LA - for one, I actually believe Taglibue and the recent ESPN articles. Also, we've all heard it a million times - L.A. is too big a market not to have a football team.

Personally, I agree with you - I could care less if L.A. gets a team. I'd probably never go see a game unless I got free tickets or a team I really liked was in town...anid even then?

But yeah, I'd feel pretty bad for a few years rooting for whatever team the city got. I mean, how awful must it be being a Cleveland Browns fan knowing that they won a championship as the Baltimore Ravens?