Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Memo to Anaheim: Knock it Off

The Angels name change from Anaheim to Los Angeles was terrible. But you know what, the team was still winning and they still played in the same stadium. Although that could be changing very soon if the city of Anaheim does not get its act together.

Angels owner Artie Moreno told the Los Angeles Times that he would consider moving the team if they did not stop with all of the legal nonsense.

"They are trying to run me out of town," Moreno said. "If this gets put into appeals court, somewhere along the line you have to think about whether you're gone."

Way to go, Anaheim. It is bad enough they allowed the Los Angeles Rams to fold, but now they want to chase the Angels away. How soon can we start a recall election?

Why is the city even taking this to court? The city received nearly $5 million from the Angels as part of the lease agreement, despite the name change. It's over Anaheim, Dean Wormer dropped the big one. Why not worry about fixing up the football stadium at Western High School instead of suing the one person, outside of Disney, that contributes more money to your annual coffers than anybody else. I am sure the residents of Anaheim feel that all of the money for attorney's fees is worth it.

Especially when the team is playing in Tijuana in 2008.

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