Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Do You Know Who I am?

It is not a phrase reserved for just football players these days. Cheerleader Renee Thompson, who slugged Melissa Holden (right from Charlotte.com), shouted it when she was restrained after starting a bathroom brawl.

"The whole time she's screaming, 'I'm a Panthers cheerleader. You need to let me go. I'm a Panthers cheerleader!" Holden said. "She was screaming I am a Panther cheerleader. I'm not going to get arrested for this. And, I was like, that's good for you but you are going to jail."

It reminds me of the time David Faustino was kicked out of the local Cask n' Clever, screaming "I am Bud (expletive) Bundy, damn it. Show me some respect!"

Even Steve Bisheff would not be this pompous.

Thomas, along with tag-team partner Angela Keathley, was released as Panthers cheerleaders. Evidentially, the NFL and its teams are strictly against cheerleaders showcasing their sexuality. But be sure to pick up one of the numerous team cheerleaders calendars at NFLshops.com. You can look, but you obviously cannot touch. Hey, maybe the NFL stands for the No Fingering League. But it is good that the league finally took the moral high ground on something. It is good that the NFL has a zero tolerance for its cheerleaders behaving badly. We do not want to ruin the good name of the Vikings boat cruise. You know that Leonard Little must hate to read stories about this while sitting in the drunk tank following his latest DUI.

But make sure those damn cheerleaders are taught a lesson. But if either of these broads could throw, run, or defend the rock, they would have been given the benefit of "due justice." The coach would have said, "Let's let this play out in the legal system." But since they are cheerleaders, they are thrown to the wolves to be devoured on cheesy web logs.

Thomas and Keathley are also drawing interest from Penthouse magazine and other reputable news outlets such as Howard Stern. The duo is supposed to receive a written offer on Tuesday.

Team Bios

The Duo had their bios taken down from the Panthers website, but we were able to track them down on Charlotte.com . The Hater Nation goes the extra mile for you.

Keathley is here. Keathley's favorite quote, "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. Like you know, in the bathroom of a cheesy bar."

Thomas is here. It should be noted that her favorite television show is CSI. Good to see that sunk in. Her favorite quote, "Live every moment to the fullest and love like you'll never be hurt. Unless, you know, some of those girls waiting in line for the stall get a little uppity."

Discuss it now at the Hater Nation forums, here. Including some never-seen photos we stole from another website. You probably want to miss it, but don't!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Adam, if these girls were players they would be getting the lighest reprimand possible. Good to see that the NFL upholds the good ol double standard so well. I am from Charlotte and it says something about the team when they are this eager to throw these girls to the wolves as it were.

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