Thursday, October 20, 2005

What's Up For Week 7?

The NFL finally admitted today that is mishandled the Saints situation without actually putting out a fake press release from Brian Gooberman. Actually the league did not admit its mistake with any words, but rather its reaction to Hurricane Wilma.

The Dolphins and Chiefs will play Friday night as the league moved up the game from Sunday in anticipation of Wilma. But why not move the game to Kansas City and play on Sunday or Monday night? Why not put up a few banners, paint the end zone aqua and orange, and call it a Miami home game? Why not put on a fake telethon and have Kanye West announce that Paul Tagilabue does not care about Cuban people?

Why? Because it is a stupid idea. Moving a game to Kansas City would only be an unfair advantage for the Chiefs. But of course, not for the Giants who were the beneficiaries earlier this season.

Why is nobody more outraged by this?

The league also will start the game at 4 p.m. Pacific Time. So in other words, the league has no problem forcing fans to stay up way past midnight on a Tuesday morning. But they will get you to bed nice and early on Friday night.

You know, the night when people could stay up late.

The league said that it was starting the game early so it would not compete with high school football. Yet, the league had no problem starting the NFL season on a Thursday night when yours truly was covering a high school game.

Are the Saints marching to San Antonio?

The Saints are playing in a crappy dome, in front of disinterested fans and a rows and rows of empty seats. It is like they never left New Orleans. The only thing New Orleans has over San Antonio is the “Beer Looter Dude.” The more pressing question might be where are the VooDoo going to play in 2007? The club already has canceled its 2006 Arena Football League season. AFL commissioner David Baker does not care about the Beer Looter Dude.

How stupid do you feel if you passed on Shaun Alexander to draft Peyton Manning in your fantasy football draft?


What is the impact of Tedy Bruschi coming back to the NFL?

It sure must ruin Manning’s day. The whole thing is like the Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin saga in the WWF. McMahon was on television recently flaunting Austin’s retirement only to be stunned by Austin’s arrival in the building. It is a shock that Bruschi did not show up to Colts practice this week just to harass a befuddled quarterback. This feud cannot end until Manning is laid up in a hospital with a leg injury and Bruschi shows up to beat him with a bedpan.

It will be a slobber-knocker as Jim Ross likes to say.

Are the Broncos for real at 5-1?

Sure. The Broncos have started 5-1 over the past couple of seasons and have zero playoff wins to show for it. With this many meaningless regular season victories and playoff defeats, there is no more further proof the Mike Shanahan once coached the Raiders.

How about a Survivor update?

Our man, Gary Hogeboom, was given immunity from one of the gay guys. Another gay guy and some annoying woman were voted out of the jungle.

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Will said...

Dude, the VooDoo UN-cancelled their 2006 season. They'll be playing in Kansas City. The AFL trumps the ABA any day!! (Stupid Nashville Rhythm)

Ryan Grantham said...

Thats a great idea fly people into a city that everyone is trying to get out of. I agree it would've been an unfair advantage in Kansas City, but they should've moved it to a neutral location and should've made the decision earlier. The Chiefs are at an unfair advantage finding out about the change yesterday and having to fly and play the next day.

Cassius Craig said...

Dude that Kanye West bit was hilarious though. Just looking at his picture with Mike Meyers makes me laugh.

K.C. didn't seem bothered by the game being changed around but still these hurricanes are really causing some shizzle this year!!

Anonymous said...

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