Friday, October 14, 2005

What's Up for Week 6?

The biggest question for the week might be how the contestants on Survivor keep their teeth so white? Fourteen days in the jungle and Blake looks like he just stepped off the dentist chair.

It should be noted that among his favorite actresses are two of the most renowned beards in Hollywood; Katie Holmes and Bridget Moynihan. Take that for what you will.

But our boy "Danny Hogenbloom" is still doing well.

How come the Chargers do not go to those cool powder blue uniforms full-time?

The Chargers are 2-5 in weeks when they wear the throwbacks. Besides, we are against anything that would make Chris Berman happy.

Can the Colts make it to 6-0?

Surprisingly, yes. You would figure that we would say that the St. Louis football team is without Mike Martz, which makes them much better. Normally that would be true. But the one coach that Martz seemed to always do good against was Tony Dungy.

Who is more out of control, the Ravens or the Vikings?

Nothing says team bonding more than getting thrown in jail with a bunch of your teammates. Don’t you remember the scene from The Replacements when the fictional Washington franchise was jailed? Maybe Nate Burelson can make like Orlando Jones and lead the team in a rousing course of "I will survive." Daunte Culpepper could mix in with his "disco" touchdown dance.

It is too bad that Mike Tice will not survive the season.

But give credit to the Vikings for leaving their meltdown off the field. The Ravens problems stem from a lack of offense. It is hard to imagine that this team could still be a playoff contender if they had held on to Trent Dilfer, who incidentally will lead the Browns into Baltimore this week.

How badly are things going to end for Doug Eddings?

Things cannot end well for the home-plate umpire from Wednesday night. People like to say that Southern California sports fans are soft, but consider a couple of things here. Bill Buckner is still living. Buckner appears at autograph signings with Mookie Wilson. Donnie Moore committed suicide. Scoreboard Angels fans. To make things worse for Edding tonight, we have sold a couple of tickets to these two guys (along with a picture of the umpire):

It was reported that the Orange County Sheriffs department had officers meet Eddings at the airport to give him an export. Why? Maybe an umpire needs to get physically beaten to prove a point. Why are our tax dollars going to pay to protect this guy? If he is that fearful, have him hire his own security team. Taxpayers should not be required to protect somebody that is extremely incompetent at their job.

Then again, taxpayers pay for secret service protection of President Bush, so there you go.


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

NFL Adam said...

Which once again proves out point. Germans love David Hasselhoff and the Hater Nation.

Richard Simmons said...

Katie Holmes. Oh man, I'd knock the bottom out of that!

Elton John said...

I'd knock the bottom out of both of those girls.

Kordell Stewart said...

That is not Tom Cruise's baby. It is mine!

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