Sunday, October 23, 2005

Status as a Fan Now Under Review

I hate officials.

I am in favor of calling games the same way you officiate a pick-up basketball game, everybody calls their own fouls. Maybe congress could pass this while they are trying to rid baseball of steroids. Yeah, it is a Raider-fan thing to do to blame the officials. And its not that the Chargers lost Sunday's game entirely because of the referees. It is just tiring to see a referee’s incompetence affect the outcome of games.

And let this be a memo to those twits who want replay in baseball. It will not matter. Officials are afraid to overturn a call in fear of showing up their buddy. Too often an official will use the cop-out of "inconclusive evidence" as a crutch for further incompetence. If you see a knee on the ground and a ball in possession, call what you see. Even if Dan Dierdorf is screaming, "the ball is almost coming loose." What is that supposed to mean anyway? Referees are supposed to anticipate a ball coming loose and call a fumble?

Again, Josh Paul could have tagged the batter. Reche Caldwell could have had two hands on the football. That is not the point here. Do not let the overwhelming of incompetence of referees or umpires sour games. It seems like only yesterday that Ed “Guns” Hochuli was the only media-whoring official. Now your average referee is getting more time than your average American Idol camera copulator. I saw the referee of the Chargers game so much, I did not know if he was calling a game or plugging appearance in Vampire Bats.

The officials are becoming bigger stars than the players. The Chicago White Sox had four pitchers toss complete games in the American League Championship Series. But history will likely only remember Doug Eddings. The Eagles held the best running back on the planet, LaDainian Tomlinson, to basically no yards. The special teams made a great block on special teams. But all anybody can talk about is the botched replay review.

I have enough conclusive evidence that the referee did not want to overturn a call and show some backbone.

It’s time to let the players earn the victory. The Angels probably would have lost in extra innings. Drew Brees might have pulled the Rick Kane on the next play. It would have been nice to find out.

Not So Fast Raiders Fan

Raiders fan probably read the above and said, "Yeah just like the tuck rule." Actually that is the exact opposite. The referee in that game actually have the huevos rancheros to make the correct call and the Patriots went on to earn the victory. You can argue the stupidity of the tuck rule, but the referee made the right call in that instance.

World Series Update

The referees botched a call when Jermaine Dye fouled a ball off his bats, but was awarded first base by the home plate umpire who thought it hit his arm. We guarantee you that replay would not have overturned that call. The White Sox again might have gone on to win that game. The Sox could go on to win the World Series but the Chicago Curse will always linger because this team was the biggest beneficiary of bad officiating in post season history. It is a shame because the White Sox have the best team this season. Would have been nice to know for sure.

Isn't it funny in a year when the White Sox might break the Black Sox curse, it sure looks like the umpires on in on a fix.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

How much rain is it going to take for Major League Baseball—or better yet, FOX—to call a game. There was more rain in the World Series game last night than that fateful game in All the Right Moves.

Jeff Garcia is the Savior

Lions quarterback Jeff Garcia returned from a major injury and led the Lions to a road victory over the Cleveland Browns. Congratulations, Detroit. Your magic number is two. Likewise, the Seahawks might have secured the NFC West with their fifth victory of the season.

No Corks Popped in Florida

A would-be champagne party in Florida ended in misery on Sunday. Not, it was not because of the impending Hurricane Wilma. Instead it was members of the 1972 Dolphins and 1976 Buccaneers that had gathered in hopes that the winless Houston Texans would defeat the undefeated Indianapolis Colts saving both teams perfect marks. The Dolphins went 14-0 in 1972, and the Buccaneers were 0-14 in 1976.

It was not to be.

"It is such a shame," so-called Dolphins legend Nick Buoniconti said. "But at least it gives us more reason to remain in the spotlight even thought the world is tired of us. And seriously, does anybody have a job for me? I’ll speak at your corporate function. I’ll work for food."

And a bottle of champagne that might not be opened this year.

Career Choices

What has gotten into Charlize Theron? It seems like she has gone out of her way to ugly herself up with roles in Monster and the newly released North Bound. Is she tired of being sexy? There has not been a career change this inexplicable since Peyton Manning decided he no longer wanted to throw touchdown passes.

But cheer up Theron fans. The African-American starlet will soon star in Aeon Flux. Coming to theaters in December.

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And how could you argue with Bluto?


x said...

I hate to agree with you about officiating in general, especially after that cold comment about Norv Turner's complexion, but you're's just terrible, even with replay.

But in your obviously Raider-hating, perhaps crack-induced, comments about the Tuck Rule under the heading "Not So Fast Raiders Fan...", you are blind to the video facts. He was in no way, Tucking the ball, as the lame NFL's propaganda machine tried to show by sending out their people with footballs to demonstrate (worked with a lot of people). Brady had stopped on a pump fake when hit. Both hands were on the ball. Call on the field was fumble. No way it was near indisputably a "Tuck".

The ultimate measure of the call is this: it's a controversy because it was a bad call. I guarantee you had they not overturned the fumble ruling, that's the last we would have heard of it in the controversial sense.

Oh, but then again, Brady was hit in the head anyway, right? What a load of crap that NFL Adam/Bill Simmons logic is!

NFL Adam said...

We like your style, X. But a couple of things here. The NFL stressed the tuck rule during the 2001 season. If you recall, the tuck rule game up during a regular season game involving Kurt Warner with the St. Louis football team. The NFL, at that point, sent officials to every team and told them that the tuck rule was going to be enforced. So it was no surprise to anybody that the tuck rule was called during the Brady game.

And the comparrison to Bill Simmons, who is cold now?

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