Monday, October 24, 2005

St. Louis Won't Grant Dying Coach's Last Wish

Does this seem like a bad movie cliché to anybody else? Mike Martz, convalescing at home, tried send in a play call over the phone (a running play—maybe they thought it was fake), only to be denied by the evil owner’s henchman, Jay Zygmunt. Even Tom Benson is not this malicious.

At least Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis had the decency to grant the wish of a dying 10-year old boy who called the Irish's first play against the University of Washington. Then again, it was the University of Washington—a team even the Saints could handle.

I would like to see this play out like Necessary Roughness where current interim coach Joe Vitt tries to imitate Martz by calling a pass on every down, but eventually breaks down and calls a running play for Stephen Jackson. Then Martz shows up at halftime for the big game, tells his team it was just indigestion, makes a horrible challenge on an non-reversible play, followed by a bumbling play call as the St. Louis football team loses the big game to keep them out of the playoffs. That is a Hollywood ending.

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