Monday, October 10, 2005

The Sports Gods Hate Us

Two years ago it was the wildfires that moved the Monday Night Football game from San Diego to Phoenix. Today it is the Angels that will once again prevent us from watching a Chargers Monday night game at home.

Thanks a lot Scot Shields.

A couple of things here. Why didn't Paul Tagliabue suggest to Bud Selig that game 4 of the American League Division Series be moved to California? They could have hung a couple of banners at Angel Stadium and allowed the Yankees to bat last to give them a true "home" field. This is why the NFL rules.

And why do the Yankees get the benefit of the doubt of bang-bang type of plays? Chone Figgins was clearly safe on a stolen base attempt, but was called out. Replays could not prove that Jorge Posada was safe at a close play at the plate. Yet, the Yankees were given the calls in both instances. Why? When was the last time the Yankees even won a World Series?

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