Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Selig Disappointed by Outcome

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig was visibly shaken moments after the Angels eliminated the New York Yankees from the American League Divisional Series. Selig said that he was upset that his two marquee franchises were eliminated from the playoffs and worried that people will not tune in to see two teams that rely on good pitching, defense, and timely hitting to play baseball.

"It is one of the unique things about the playoffs," Selig said. "But we will now try to make due with two small market teams playing in the American League Championship series. With two small towns such as Chicago and Los Angeles playing for the title, I just don’t know if there will be enough folks interested."

Selig said that he was going to organize an American League East championship series, because "There is no way that anybody could ever tire of watching the Yankees and Red Sox."

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Diegoman said...

It has occured to me that Chicago and Los Angeles are large market teams. LA and Chicago are the second and third largest cities in the USA.
Therefore, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Chicago White Sox of Chicago should draw a larger viewing audience then the commissioner expects.
Also the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim should pull along the fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles and fans of the Chicago White Sox of Chicago likewise the fans of the Cubs of Chicago.
I look for a large series.