Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A-Rod: "I Played Like a Dog."

Yeah, a female dog.

But that could apply to the entire Yankees roster when it comes to playing the Angels. Yankees fans are quickly looking for excuses. Some blame the umpires (at least Cano did not slap at the ball like some choking infielder). Others will call out A-Rod for being an incredible postseason fraud and the biggest postseason disappointment since Dave Winfield.

The simplest explanation is that the Angels own the Yankees.

Every time Hulk Hogan wrestles, his opponent—be it Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Don Muraco, or King Kong Bundy—will get the Hulkster in a headlock. The referee will lift Hogan's arm up twice to check on our hero and his arm will fall limply to the mat. Just when you think the match is over, the referee will lift Hulk's arm for the third and final time. Only this time Hogan will hold his arm up defiantly, with his index finger raised to the sky. You know at that point that a Hulk Hogan comeback is inevitable and there is nothing the "heel" can do to stop him. The match is over.

That is what it is like to watch the Yankees take a lead on the Angels. There is no reason to worry because at some point, the hero (in this case the Angels) is going to make the villain look completely foolish and cruise to victory.

The Angels didn't even need to go to the metal folding chair.

Other Angels News

Owner Artie Moreno announced that he was changing the team's name to the Chicago Angels of Anaheim, meaning the club will open the playoffs at home Tuesday night.

No mention of the Angels actually defeating the Yankees on Monday night. Most papers--especially on the East Coast--said that the Yankees beat themselves. Though we do not know why the papers were reporting on Derek Jeter and A-Rod's after party.

Heard that the Chargers lost a close game on Monday Night. So much for allowing A-Rod to call the first play of the game for San Diego.


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The Hater Nation and David Hasselhoff ... two things the Germans love!

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