Wednesday, October 19, 2005

NBA Cancels Casual Fridays

The league announced in a memo to teams on Monday that a minimum dress code will go into effect at the start of the regular season on Nov. 1. Players will be expected to wear business casual attire whenever they participate in team or league activities, including arriving at games, leaving games, conducting interviews and making promotional or other appearances.

Players will no longer be able to wear:
• Sleeveless shirts
• Shorts
• T-shirts
• Sunglasses while indoors.
• Headphones (other than on the team bus or plane, or in the team locker room).
• Chains, pendants, or medallions worn over the player's clothes.

The move not only angered many of the players. It also irritated one of the biggest fans of the NBA, Mr. T.

"I pity the fool that would make such a foolish judgment," Mr. T said. "There is nothing wrong with have a little bling around your neck. It makes you look classy. And sleeves on T-shirts? Who wears clothes like that? Mr. T has made a living on violating every item in this dress code. There is nothing wrong with throwing on a sleeveless T-shirt, along with a pair of shorts, and some chains that weigh more than Steve Nash. I pity the fool who says that it is.

"This is a bad move by the NBA and especially David Stern. I have only one prediction for him … Pain!"

Added rapper and NBA supporter Kanye West, "David Stern does not care about black people or their cool throwback jerseys."

Stern did however say that players could wear Hawaiian shirts and jeans on Fridays.
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Charger Ray said...

Lol. That's funny stuff man! I can't believe that all these NBA players anf fans have problem with this new non-hippty hop dress code.

If you work in McDonalds, you wear the uniform. These players are all freakin rich as hell. So get the damn suit, wear it and stop you whinning.

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