Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How Well Do You Know Your Signs?

What is this umpire trying to signal in this picture below?

If you answered "safe," you are correct. And Major League Baseball might be contacting you in the near future to umpire some playoff baseball games. What is the umpire signaling in the next picture?

If you answered "out," out you are wrong. It means that it is time to jingle A.J. Pierzynski's base balls.

All jokes aside here. Remember that the game was tied in the ninth. There was no evidence that the Angels were ever going to score another run. The White Sox took advantage of their opportunities to score, pushing across two unearned runs. The Angels did not take advantage of theirs--a point that Mike Scioscia made during his press conference. Catcher Josh Paul also could have made the tag. But it is over, time to move on.

To harp on the play would be a Yankees thing to do.

Still, that should not stop the first Angels batter to strike out on Friday from running down to first base. Especially if the catcher clearly catches the baseball.

UPDATE: We said that we are going to turn the page on this. We have some Raiders and Irish hating to do still. But if you want to see some complete break downs of this situation, we suggest LA Seitz of Chicago. Here is another good site to show that Doug Eddings is a complete liar, The Chronicles of the Lads.


Will said...

I heard about this on my way to work this morning. Just like in football, what the officials call on the field is what goes (until overturned by instant replay). Maybe this will turn out to be the MLB's version of the "tuck rule". Take that, Raiders fans!

twin_daddy said...

The signal was clear to everyone last night. The 3rd strike was called, the batter was out, the signal was made, the inning should have been over. That was just lazy umpiring. That game should be under complete protest and be replayed. The Angels got fukked on a call that could very well change the outcome of the entire series.

Josh Paul said...

The umpire did indeed call Pierzinski out. I know, I saw him pump his fist. You see, I have eyes in the back of my head!!!

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