Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Ask a Raiders Fan

The Hater Nation, as a service to you, will interact with Raiders fans periodically on the Internet. Because seriously, you do not want to interact with these people. Trust us. These responses were taken directly from a Raiders message board and have not been altered in any way. We would like to point out that it took only two responses before we were threatened with physical violence. It's a new record.

Question: What do guys such as Violater, PharaohRaider, and GladiRaider dress up as on Halloween? We suggest going to a football game as an intelligent fan, complete with newspaper and armed with football knowledge. Maybe you could go without stabbing a guy for an afternoon.

You know what's funny? You would never say this to one of their faces. They'd stomp the shit out of you and you know that. So therefore, you're going on the Internet talking all sorts of ignorant shit. May God have pity on you desolate soul.

Does the irony of threating somebody with violence, over the internet, ever hit these guys?

Question: The Raiders won one football game over a mediocre football team. Are the Raiders going back to the Super Bowl?

Admit it: you see a Raider Renaissance and it scares you shitless. We're coming together as a team and ou can expect more pain in the very near future. Now, go put on your Madonna outfit and hit the streets, your pimp is getting impatient! Also, I noticed you haven't said who YOU pull for. Trying to hide something here, little girl?

Yep, Lamont Jordan rushed for three touchdowns against the worst team against the rush and it is a renaissance. Well at least its a renaissance for Raiders fans who have reverted back to the worst in the NFL.

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