Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ask a Raiders Fan

This is a new feature where we can really get into the mind of a Raiders fan. We would like to keep making fun of the Raiders fans ourselves, but these guys really do all of the heavy lifting for us. These quotes are actually remarks from Raiders fans that we have found on various message boards. (All poor grammar and misspellings have not been corrected. Not that it makes it different from anything else that is printed here.)

Is there a conspiracy against the Raiders?

I can't be the only one who sees this, but as long as Al Davis owns the raiders we will not win. It's nothing against Mr. Davis it's just that Paul Tagliabu and the NFL hate him, because Al is always suing them. Here are the reasons to back up my claim.

1.) Scheduling this year- we were 5-11 last year and yet we open on the road this year the first 3 games with the 2 teams that were in the Superbowl. That is the first time in NFL history a schedule has been configured like that we were a last place team we aren't playing last placed schedule.

2.) We lead the league in penalties every year, regardless of who the coach we have different players every year but we lead the league every year. Give me a break it's impossible that just by putting a raiders jersey on in makes you commit more penalties the refs who are employed by the nfl are instructed to watch us more closely. You could call holding on every play if you really wanted, they call it on us when ist's 3 and 10 and we hit a pass play for 15 yards but it's called back for holding. Give me a F#$#%$ break. I hate even watching the games now because I know we are going to get cheated. We have to play our opponent and the refs every week.

A couple of things here. The Chargers are in the mist of playing three consecutive teams coming off its bye week. The Patriots first four road games this season were at Carolina, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Denver with a home date with San Diego mixed in. Of course, both teams made the playoffs last year. Fair enough. Miami opened with two playoff teams Denver, New York Jets, and the team picked by many to win the NFC—Carolina. Yet they went 2-1, while the Raiders fans cry about conspiracy theories.

The final question should be who conspired to have the Raiders hire Norv Turner? Who conspired to have the Raiders select Robert Gallery over Ben Roethlisberger? Who conspired to have the Raiders entrust their running game to a journeyman backup? Sorry Raiders fan, you team is just terrible.

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x said...

Just discovered your blog. You are just sooo hilarious.

Are you so lacking for work that you have to run a web site solely devoted to Raider Hating? That's just sad, dude.

You didn't do much to convince anyone that the Raiders didn't get the short end of the stick in scheduling. You wrote yourself that you can't compare to playoff teams and c'mon...comparing theirs to Miami playing the j-e-t-s and an overrated Carolina (NFC) team?

And I must of missed the part where you explain away the commenter's point #2. While he might not have stated it eloquently, he brings up a valid and highly curious point....different players, different coaches, always among the leaders in penalties. Must be bad mojo in those black jerseys, huh? Or maybe an afterlife curse from Pete Rozelle?

hostile17 said...

Hold the phone!!! Pete Rozelle is dead?? I must have missed that bulletin.

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