Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Angels Manager Preaches Routine

Angels manager Mike Scioscia is known as a creature of habit. But he might have gone too far with his latest move. The Angels skipper ordered his team on to a plane following Tuesday night’s, 3-2, victory over the host Chicago White Sox. The plane flew over the Midwest all night as the Angels slept on board.

"We have come too far this season to switch things up right now," Scioscia said. "We won the past two games after we spent all night on a plane. So we are going to continue to do the things to keep us successful."

Some of the players, looking forward to actually sleeping in a bed, were taken back by the ploy. But the team bought into their manager’s message and did not question it.

"When Mike tells you to do something you do it," no nonsense first baseman Darin Erstad said. "If he wanted me to spend the night in a shark tank, I would do it. But that is just me, I am a winner that does what his manager asks.

"I would be a Yankee if I wasn't."

The Angels will face the White Sox in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series on Wednesday night.

Other ALCS News:

Ratings on the East Coast appeared to drop because of the disappearance of the Yankees and Red Sox. Said one East Coast baseball fan: "Those guys use their gloves. How boring is that?"

New TV show pitch: Look for Mike Tice to star as Captain Stubbing in the a remake of the popular 1970s television show, The Love Boat. Dude is going to need to make money somehow since he will be fired before he can scalp Super Bowl tickets.

Helen Hunt in going to sue somebody: Quarterback Princess in real life.


Scott said...

QB Princess = busted link. One too many https.

Quite a reference... a 20 year old made-for-TV movie. I tip my hat.

Seitz said...

I think Scioscia's on the right track with this move.