Friday, September 30, 2005

What's Up For Week 4?

The NFL landscape is starting to divide itself into those who have a seat on the lifeboat and those that are going to go down with the ship. There are still some questions and we have the answers.

Is this the week the Raiders turn it around?

No. There is nothing to turn around for the Raiders. They played good teams close. That seems to be good enough for Raiders fans these days. The fall of the Raiders fans has been quite steep. Most Raiders fans used to consider meaningless regular season games against the Cardinals the Super Bowl. Now they gage their team's credibility on staying close to the Patriots. So figure the Raiders will stay close to the Cowboys and that will be good enough for Raiders fans.

Who had the best quote after week 3?

You would figure Terrell Owens or Randy Moss. Instead it was Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil who responded to Champ Bailey's criticism that Kansas City was not playing hard.

"I know this - - none of our players said Champ Bailey did not play hard when we beat them by three touchdowns last year out here. Eddie Kennison did not say that Champ Bailey was not playing hard."


How screwed are the Jets?

You obviously did not see the Jets this season if you have to ask that question. Teams that lose star players always seem to rise to the occasion the following week. Then again, Chad Pennington is not a star player.

Does that mean the Patriots will play good without Rodney Harrison?

Yes, for a week. Eventually this will grease the skids of their season. The downfall of the Cowboys dynasty started with the loss of tight end Jay Novacek and defensive end Charles Haley. Losing players like Tedy Bruschi and Harrison will make the difference this season as some new challenger in the AFC emerges.

One thing in the Patriots favor is that Robert Craft did not fire Bill Belichick in the offseason.

Who will be that team that emerges in the AFC?

The obvious answer is the Colts. Their defense has slowed down the offensive juggernauts of the Ravens, Jaguars, and the Browns. If that does not spell the rebirth of the Monsters of the Midway, nothing does. The real pick is the Cincinnati Bengals. They have an offense that can score (remember that Indy?) and a real defense that can shut teams down. Look for Chad Johnson to mimic the originator, Bill "White Shoes" Johnson in Houston this week.

Are the Lions going to surge after the bye week?


Who are your fantasy picks for this week?

Trent Green, T.O., Dre Johnson, Roy Williams, Willis McGahee, Tiki Barber, Atlanta, and Nate Keading.

How did Gary Hogeboom do on Survivor last night?

He was traded to Big Brother and was replaced by Steve Pelleur. Hogeboom then flamed out on Big Brother and went to the Surreal Life, followed by a stint on Elimidate where the young lady selected Timm Rosenbach during the final cut. Tough break, Gary.


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