Thursday, September 22, 2005

What's Up for Week 3?

"It's insulting. And mark my words, it's going to come back on him. You start thinking about a guy like Pat Tillman, who turned down millions to go fight for his country. Then you think about Eli crying about where he wants to play football, and it just puts everything into perspective." – Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson on Eli Messiah.

Something to think about as Eli Messiah comes to town.

Are the Chargers going to be motivated to beat Messiah?

Did you read the quote? But there is a part of all Chargers fans that hope that the team's aversion to the blitz for the first two weeks was a way to setup the Messiah for a whole host of defensive looks that will render him as incapacitated on the field, as that one beer did to him in the picture above. Sure, it is a conspiracy theory to think that the Chargers tanked two games just to beat the Giants. But there has to be some reasonable explanation for Marty Schottenheimer's play calling. Not that some Chargers fans would disagree with the desire to defeat the Messiah.The Chargers stadium staff also is getting ready for a rowdy crowd as they emailed this message to ticket-holders on Thursday. They do not even do that before the Raiders game.

How will Hurricane Rita affect this weeks games?

The Houston Texans have a bye, but the NFL has already announced that the Texans will play its next home game at the Meadowlands.

Which 2-0 team is for real?

The Colts are the obvious choice as they have been an annual playoff team under the direction of Peyton Manning. The Chiefs, however, look like they have finally put it all together both offensively and defensively. But the Buccaneers are probably the most legitimate of all of the undefeated teams in what is arguably the best division in football, the NFC South.

How good is Buccaneers running back Cadillac Williams?

Cardinals running back J.J. Arrington was the pick for proverbial rookie running back who leads his team to victory. Former columnist Jim Gigliotti went so far to pick Arrington as the rookie of the year in the sites magazine. Arrington has yet to show that form. Williams has been so good, you would have figured that Tony Dungy drafted him for the Buccaneers.

Which 0-2 team is in the most trouble?

The Raiders. Normally you would like a desperate team with the offensive firepower of Oakland to win its game when facing an 0-3 start. But Eagles receiver Terrell Owens will likely make it his personal mission to bury the Raiders and Randy Moss. Owens still wants a new contract and what better way for him to illustrate that point than to out-gain and out-play Moss? You get the feeling that Owens probably wants this game against Moss more than the Super Bowl.

Which 0-2 team can make it to the playoffs?

The Packers and Vikings are only six games from taking the NFC North. But that might be a stretch. It could take five.

Which 2-0 team is the biggest fraud?

Washington. The Redskins might be the only team in NFL history to play 117 minutes without a touchdown, yet still remains undefeated after two games.

Who will win the grudge match between Pittsburgh and New England?

The Steelers have won 16 consecutive regular season games, so they get the edge here. It would be a different story if this were a playoff game. Especially if it was an AFC Championship Game played in Pittsburgh. A storyline to consider is that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has begun to put together a Peyton Manning-type career where he is unstoppable in the regular season, and brutal in the playoffs. Tom Brady only loses regular season games.

What happened to Brady last week?

Brady just was not used to that kind of defense. It was a defense that he had never seen before that rendered him as useless as your average college freshman. The defense from the Panthers? Nope, we are talking the steady defense of Mary Kate Olsen who rejected the Patriots quarterback like she rejects a Big Mac.

What is the biggest grudge match of the week?

It is not the Messiah and San Diego, the Ego Bowl between Moss and Owens, nor Brady's Patriots against Roethlisberger and the Steelers. The most heated rivalry in sports will be settled Thursday night as the Dancing With the Stars -- Dance Off is finally settled between Kelly Monaco and John O'Hurley.

Kelly will win this thing if there is any justice in the world. Sure O'Hurley has worked harder and danced better. But to give him a win will be sending a very bad message to the youth of America. Kids need to learn that no matter how hard you work and sacrifice to achieve your goals, the hot girl will always win. It is the American way.



Joel said...


OK. we'll see. That D is for real son. REAL real, son.

TJ Rubley said...

Mary Kate was mean to Tom Brady?

Add "homophobe" to this young lady's list of emotional disorders!

GS said...

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