Thursday, September 15, 2005

What's Up For Week 2?

Did you football pool take a little bit of a hit in week one? You are not alone. But you have some questions for week one, I will try to provide you with some answers.

Who was the biggest surprise in week one?

Some could point to the defensive resurgence of the Colts and Chiefs or the offensive futility of the New York Jets. But the biggest surprise of them all is the prognosticators that still continue to pick the Arizona Cardinals year after year despite overwhelming evidence that the team will not be any good. Maybe Kurt Warner is washed up.

Who has the better defense, the Colts or the Chiefs?

Before you anoint the Colts as the second coming of the 1986 Bears, remember one name--Kyle Boller. You know an offense is bad if the Ravens signed Kordell Stewart. The Chiefs need to stop Randy Moss on Sunday to prove that they are for real. But remember, the NFL takes at least a month before the true underdogs emerge. Give it time.

Which team will make the biggest comeback in week two?

The Chargers should get well in a hurry at Denver this week. Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer said that he learned his lesson and will get the ball to LaDainian Tomlinson. Tight end Antonio Gates will make his first appearance of the season. The Broncos looked absolutely pathetic against the Dolphins. The running game was a complete mess. Champ Bailey will miss the game with a shoulder injury. It only means one thing ... the Broncos will win on Sunday. It is the NFL, it does not have to make sense.

Which team will take the biggest drop?

The Saints are going to come crashing down to Earth despite how unpopular it will be to say that. The Saints ability to rise up from Hurricane Katrina and knock out the Panthers is similar to teams that suffer the loss of a star player--at least for one game. Living out of a suitcase for three weeks, along with the emotional toll, will start to affect this team sooner or later. There are only so many times you can go to the emotional well with letters and pleas from the mayor.

Who is in a must-win situation for week 2?

The Broncos and Chargers do not want to drop to 0-2 even this early in the season. The Carolina Panthers, however, really need to make a proverbial statement against the Patriots. Aside from not wanting to fall behind Tampa Bay and Atlanta in the division, the Panthers need to validate the confidence that was heaped upon them in the preseason. The only problem is that Bill Belichick has had an extra couple of days to cook up a new scheme for the Panthers.

Has Joey Harrington finally arrived in Detroit?


Who has a better chance of making the playoffs, the Jets or Yankees?

The better question might be does it matter? Neither team is better than its Boston counterpart. And so much for blaming the Jets offensive woes on Paul Hackett. Chad Pennington’s hairline is going to look an awful lot like Joe Torre’s if the losing continues.

Which New York quarterback had the worst weekend?

The easy answer would be Pennington who was shutout by the Chiefs. But why are fans and the media so quick to give Eli Messiah a free pass? The Messiah had a passer rating of 62.2 after he completed only 10 of 23 pass attempts and threw two interceptions. Only five quarterbacks had worse statistical weekends. The Messiah would be yanked if he was the Redskins quarterback.

Is Mark Brunell the answer in Washington?

There was not a bigger insignificant move in Washington since FEMA Director Mike Brown stepped down. But both moves are considered meaningless when you consider the incompetence at the top.

How good are the 49ers and Dolphins?

The Dolphins are probably better than the 49ers, but San Francisco is closer to a divisional title, needing only six more to win the NFC West. The Dolphins could be a legitimate contender this year if they continue to display the same attitude from week one, but they have to battle the Patriots and the Bills. Nick Saban has his team believing that they can win. It is just the rest of us that need a little bit more convincing.


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The NFC North said...

Waitaminute. You're saying it could take seven wins to clinch the NFC West this year?

Hehe, yeah... like a team could win seven whole times!