Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Evening Post

The Giants announced that they would try to make the Saints feel at home for their game on Monday night. Stadium officials will only allow 25,000 people into the stadium to mimic the average attendance for the Saints in the SuperDome. Giants officials also announced that fans of the game will refrain from throwing objects on the field, which is the hallmark of Giants fans.

MORE DONATIONS: Giants running back Tiki Barber started the pre-game trash talking by announcing that he would donate $100 for every yard and $500 for every touchdown he scores against the Saints. Barber said that he would spend a minimum of $10,000. Wow that is arrogant. Barber would have to rush for 50 yards and 10 touchdowns to reach that total. Fantasy owners, you have been warned.

ST. LOUIS OFFICIAL REPRIMANDED: An executive with the St. Louis football team will be reprimanded for leaving a threatening phone message on the voice mail of a St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist.

The club told the Post-Dispatch that team executive Samir Suleiman faces discipline, but declined to say what it would be. A call to the Rams on Wednesday was not returned.

On Aug. 28, sports columnist Bernie Miklasz wrote that he was disturbed by "infighting and politics" within the St. Louis organization, and said executives owe any head coach their support.

"Be it (Mike) Martz or another man, I don't care who sits in the head coach's office at St. Louis Park. The head coach should be backed, not back-stabbed, by associates," Miklasz wrote.

Suleiman left a message on Miklasz's voice mail, stating, in part, "tell your source that I'm not a back-stabber, I'm a (expletive) throat slasher, and he'll know the difference before it's all said and done."

That is not the way the St. Louis football team rolls. They do not stab people, they drown people.


RAVENS QB WOES OVER: The Ravens announced that they have signed Kordell Stewart to a free agent contract. Said coach Brian Billick, "We wanted our fans to actually look forward to the return of Kyle Boller."


Lawrence said...

Dude! Adam. You're not fooling me with that Boller press photo. You know damn-well that you scanned that from your own CSUF Student ID Card from 1993.

NFLJennifer said...

Georgia Frontiere released a statement saying that all killing in the St. Louis Franchise known as the Rams would be done soley by her.