Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday Morning Rewind

If you think that you hate the Dallas Cowboys, you have nothing on Joe Gibbs. When asked about his thoughts on defeating the Cowboys, 14-13, in an improbable Monday night comeback, Gibbs said, "It was one of the greatest moments in sports for me."

This is a guy that won three Super Bowls and two NASCAR championships.

Gibbs' squad pulled off the impossible win with two fourth-quarter bombs from Mark Brunell to Santana Moss proving the old NFL adage, you cannot ever--and we mean ever--beat the Redskins 15 out of 16 times.

The Monday night duo of Al Michaels and John Madden spent the better part of the evening talking about what a genius Cowboys coach Bill Parcells is. Yet, with the game on the line, he could not remind his safety Roy Williams about one of the most basic principles of playing with a lead—do not let your man get behind you. It happened twice.

But do not give Gibbs too much credit for his coaching genius. The Redskins offense did not budge until Brunnell decided to play "three flies up" with Moss. That is something you would only figure to find in the Raiders playbook.

TRIPPLETS HONORED: It would have been fitting to have Jay Novacek and Charles Haley added to the ring of honor along with The Triplets. The downfall of the Cowboys dynasty could be linked to the retirement of those two players (along the dismissal of Jimmy Johnson).

NUMBERS LIE: Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe passed for 261 yards in the loss to the Redskins, and the total pushed him past Johnny Unitas (40,239 yards) and into ninth place in NFL history. Bledsoe now owns 40,295 career-passing yards. Joe Montana (40,551) is next up on the list, and then Bledsoe needs roughly another 2,500 yards to reach Dan Fouts in seventh place. This is why passing and receiving numbers of the modern era are meaningless. Bledsoe deserves to join Tim Brown in the Hall of Average.

OTHER MONDAY NIGHT THOUGHTS: The Saints sure did look sloppy playing in front of its loyal hometown fans.

TERRELL OWENS FOUND THE PERFECT WOMAN: The Philly paper says he's engaged. To Felisha Terrell. So in other words, he will be married to Felisha Terrell-Owens.

MORE OWENS: Owens' abdomen was bothering him during the course of Sunday's win over the 49ers, coach Andy Reid said at his Monday morning press conference. Reid intimated that the cause of the injury was too many driveway sit-ups.

DESPERATE TIMES FOR LIONS: Quarterback Jeff Garcia, is due back in October. In the least compelling vote of confidence of the week, coach Steve Mariucci says he stuck with Five-Pick Harrington because "there was nobody out there that would have come in and played this game." How bad are things in Detroit? Shaun King was brought in for a workout.

GIVE LT THE DAMN BALL: Count LaDainian Tomlinson among those wondering why he's averaging only 19 touches per game—and hasn't caught a single pass—through the first two weeks of the season. "I don't know, and it hasn't really been talked about [internally]," he said. "I can't tell you I don't wonder, because I do."

There are a number of explanations for L.T.'s lack of touches. First, the Chargers play calling is brutal. Second, their offensive line is horrible and Tomlinson has been required to stay in to help pass protect. Third, the Bolts have this ridiculous desire to increase Darren Sproles' role on offense, specifically in the passing game. But it does make sense to get the 5-foot-6 rookie involved instead of getting the ball to the best running back in the NFL.

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