Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Raiders Lead League in Moral Victories

"A lot of people are counting the Raiders out already. They started at the Patriots, then played a talented Chiefs team and than at the Eagles. They competed in all of those games and I think it's a little too early to count them out of a playoff spot with easier games to come." -- Alex Squib Kicks

This is the reason we love Raiders fans. You can log on to any website, message board, or the league's official site to see that the Raiders faithful are still trying to put a happy face on 0-3. The team leads the league in moral victories. It is also never the Raiders fault. It is either the referees fault, or the league who had the audacity to schedule the Raiders against actual NFL teams to start the season. You would think that if the Raiders could make their own schedule they would open with UC Davis, Golden West College, and the P.S. 84 flag football team. (They would at least be 2-1 right now.)

Most fans, like Alex, are also predicting big things for this season such as a 10-6 mark, the AFC West crown, and a run to the Super Bowl. It is like all of those interviews with convicts who claim that they will walk the straight and narrow when released. Six weeks later they are often picked up for a parolee violation. But do not worry Raiders fan, Norv Turner has an excellent record against the Cowboys.

THE BIG QUESTION: If Raiders fans think that their team is playoff caliber, why the complaints about be scheduled against playoff teams? The Patriots have faced two potential playoff teams (Carolina and Pittsburgh) in the first three weeks and the Raiders. New England will play host to San Diego this week, followed by trips to Atlanta and Denver. All three were playoff teams last year.

Raiders fans just admitted, through its complaints, that their team is not playoff worthy.

STAT OF THE DAY: Turner has lost his last five games to the Cowboys.

CONSPIRACY THEORY OF THE DAY: A clock error added 52 seconds to the fourth quarter of the Patriots-Steelers game Sunday. The extra time aided the Patriots during a winning drive that ended with Adam Vinatieri's 43-yard field goal with 1 second remaining.

The Patriots won 23-20, their fourth victory against the Steelers in five games since 2001, including AFC championship game victories during the 2001 and 2004 seasons.

The NFL acknowledged the mistake Monday, with director of officiating Mike Pereira issuing a statement: "The on-field officiating crew, which oversees the official game clock operated in the press box, failed to recognize that the clock was improperly reset."

That is great, but how about a little retribution to all of those people who lost football pools because of the gaff.


Scott said...

It appears that Jay Mohr also hates the Raiders. Perhaps more than you.

Jay's latest CMMSI column.

Pretty dead on except for calling Bill Callahan a nice guy. In any interview I saw with him, Callahan was pretty much a jackass.

Scott said...

What? You've never heard of "CMMSI"? It's a lot like CNNSI, except it's run by people with speech impediments.

NFL Adam said...

We've always liked CMM better. Thanks for the link, we added it to the site along with our own.

Anonymous said...

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