Thursday, September 08, 2005

The NFL Season Starts

The Kerry Collins and Randy Moss era opens in New England tonight as the NFL kickoffs its road to Super Bowl XL. Sometimes you really do have to believe that the NFL is out to get the Raiders, going on the road to play the defending Super Bowl champions. But why delay the inevitable? It is not like the Raiders are contenders this year.

Here are some predictions for the upcoming game, thanks to our
June 22 issue. Check out the full column if you are new to the site. Or even if you an old-timer who wants to remember when this site was entertaining.

Kerry Collins clearly won't tuck the ball during a sack against New England during the NFL opener, but the referees will still rule it a fumble. Rioting in Oakland and Los Angeles begins immediately afterwards. A rioting Raiders fan in Los Angeles will add, "What, Kerry Collins fumbled? Oh ... yeah ... uh ... we're rioting because of that bad call, right." ...

The tuck rule will never get old. ...

The Tom Brady "tuck" play will be shown at least ten times during the season opener. It will be mentioned once every seven plays during the broadcast. ...


Here is a surprise. The Raiders will shock the world and upset the Patriots on Thursday night. Two reasons here. Norv Turner is one of the best early-season coaches in the history of the NFL. (But do not ask for numbers to back this up.) Second, no team signifies the term September Champions better than the Raiders who have a commitment to excellence in early-season games.

Raiders 41-31.

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Dave said...

See you should never pick against the Patriots.