Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Let the Baby Have His Bottle

The Chargers finally got over on ol' Eli Messiah. One cathartic night Chargers fans were able to let Eli have it with boos and signs that proper decorum will not allow to be reprinted here. No statement was bigger than LaDainian Tomlinson and his three touchdown runs. LT even added the exclamation point with a touchdown pass of his own, to show Eli that this quarterbacking thing is not that hard.

The Manning-loving media, however, was quick to point out that Eli Messiah did not lose that game on Sunday night. That is true. The Giants did not win the game because of the wunderkind either.

It was a typical Manning-family day with gaudy passing statistics and little to show for it. The Messiah can rest comfortable with a high passer rating, but not with a victory. At least his older brother finally learned his lesson, even though he is killing fantasy football owners all around the world.

STAT OF THE DAY: Raiders quarterback Kerry Collins is 3-13 as a starter in Oakland.

PENNINGTON OUT: Jets quarterback Chad Pennington is out for the season, and the team signed Vinny Testaverde to replace him. Obviously Richard Todd was unavailable. This should serve as as warning for Eli because the New York media will no longer have Pennington to kick around anymore.

MARTZ THE SPURRIER OF THE NFL: It seems like Mike Martz is looking to end the career of Marc Bulger as quickly as he rendered Kurt Warner ineffective by refusing to set up passing protection. The St. Louis football team cannot win if they do not protect the quarterback.

In other words, you are doing a great job, Martz.

MONDAY NIGHT THOUGHT: So much for the rebirth of the Chiefs defense.

TEAMMATE OF THE YEAR: When Cowboys kicker Jose Cortez missed his first extra point tackle Larry Allen not only got in Cortez's face, but he yanked off his helmet and shoved the kicker.

Owner Jerry Jones had this to say about Allen almost beheading Cortez, "Well, the whole team should have seen that," Jones said, because that shows he cares. He's passionate."

What other line of employment does this work? Could you imagine beating the crap out of an annoying co-working and having the boss shrug it off because you are passionate?

MORE CORTEZ: Cortez got into a shouting match with some 49ers fans on the sidelines. It is obvious that the San Francisco fans are still bitter about Cortez, and his Los Angeles Xtreme teammates, defeating the Frisco Demons in the XFL title game.

WHY WE HATE REALITY SHOWS, TAKE 452: Former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom is currently competing in this season of survivor. Hogeboom, convinced that his former NFL status will hurt him, is trying to keep it a secret. Only Danni, a sportscaster from Kansas City, recently recognized and "outted" the former Cowboys quarterback.

Yeah, right.

It was an obvious plant by the producers of the show. As Last and Ten contributor Rob in Tampa said, "I would not have recognized that guy if he came over to my house for lunch. And I am a long-time Cowboys fan."

What a stupid ploy? Why did Survivor not get a more recognizable quarterback for this game show? Oh yeah, they were all trying out for the Jets this week.

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