Monday, September 26, 2005


Good teams win the "must-win" games they need, which explains why the Raiders remained winless on the season. Oakland was beaten by a one-legged kicker on Sunday, 23-20. The futility of the Raiders was illustrated on the final play of the game as Chris Carr made like Benny Hill and ran out the final nine seconds of the game. Carr rambled aimlessly around the field without direction or a sense of purpose. It was a perfect metaphor for the Raiders season. Most players from a well-coached, well-heeled team would have run out of bounds to give Kerry Collins a chance to throw a jump-ball to Randy Moss.

But that is not the way the Raiders roll.

Penalties and the inability to make big plays, especially on defense, doomed the Raiders who were flagged 13 times. The Eagles were able to convert two third downs on their final drive and also climbed out of a first-and-20 hole to set up the game-winning field goal.

The upside for the Raiders is that they have a legitimate chance to go 0-16. Keep your fingers crossed.


Leave it to Eagles primadonna David Akers to exhibit his inner soccer player with all of his theatrics during his kicks. We get it, your leg hurts. There has not been this much overacting since Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls.


Do you think that all the problems the Eagles have with Akers could be payback for the Buddy Ryan era? The Eagles once placed a bounty on Cowboys kicker Luis Zendajas and Andre "Dirty" Waters also broke the leg of a Redskins kicker. Call it karma if this costs the Eagles down the road.

And yes, we are big Carson Daly fans.


Leave it to the Raiders to cost the Hurricane victims money. Here is an anecdote from Peter King.

When the league held its fundraising telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims last Monday, one of the operators taking phone calls was former Raiders lineman and coach Art Shell. At one point during the evening, the phone at his station rang. He picked it up.

"NFL Hurricane Relief, this is Art Shell," he answered.

"Raiders SUCK!" said a guy, who promptly hung up.

You have to give the NFL some heat for putting Raiders on the phone lines. We do not blame the guy for hanging up. Could you trust Shell, Marcus Allen, or Tim Brown to not pocket the money? You cannot put criminals on the phone lines during a telethon. What was the NFL thinking? Were Violator and Darth Raider not available for this thing?

Also from King, in the things he likes about week 3:

The Raiders guile.

If guile means choking dogs, then we would have to agree with that assessment.

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Riss said...

You make me sad. The Raiders are not going to go 0-16. They will win on Sunday.