Monday, August 22, 2005

A Whole New Curse

Spent Sunday afternoon at Angel Stadium after a faulty alarm clock dashed any dream of making it down to San Diego for the exhibition opener. (Nice run by LaDainian Tomlinson, eh? If this guy is not the first pick of your fantasy draft, drop a line so others can cash in on your league's inability to recognize talent.)

The dog-day afternoon sun allowed us to openly ponder, while the Red Sox were warming up in the field, how Boston was able to win a world title with a left fielder (Manny Ramirez) who cannot field and a center fielder (Johnny Damon) who cannot throw. Damon wheeled around and calmly tossed the ball into the "Salsa Bowl"(right field stands) at the same moment that this thought was verbalized to a Sox fan sitting to our right.

The ball was headed right into my direction (which was a miracle that Damon could throw it that far) and just in our grasp before a sound--associated more with a college baseball game--was heard.


If you have been reading along, it should be clear to everyone that the "ping" was the sound of the baseball colliding with our metal splint and bouncing into the hands of another fan. (And that also pushed back our Madden return date.)

And to think that we missed our recreation softball league game this week because we did not want to get hit with a ball.


Glyn (Zaphod) Evans said...

Johhny Damon rules... Maybe he can't throw so good, but he is a hell of a fielder... and I am a Jays fan :D

The Village Idiot said...

Manny has his moments, he lets his mind wander and messes up, but when he's paying attention and trying he's capable of some webgems. We call the lapses "manny moments." It's easy to live with them when the guy hits like he does.

Damon is amazing. He looks awkward and ungainly when he runs and especially when he throws, but he's actually a better than average center fielder and he's deceptively fast.

The whole team looked out of synch out there against the Angels, I hope you get a chance to watch them when they're clicking. (like games 1-4 of the world series last year).

Nice Blog you have here, by the way!

the idiot

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