Thursday, August 11, 2005

Raiders See Future in Owens

Is anybody in the Eagles organization surprised by the actions of Terrell Owens? They had to know exactly what they were getting when they traded for Owens a year ago, unless they had their heads buried in the sand during the enigmatic receiver's tenure in San Francisco. The world saw Owens feud with quarterback Jeff Garcia and coach Steve Mariucci among his many distractions. There should be no surprise that Owens relationship with his quarterback and coach in Philadelphia is going to end badly.

You do not hire a convicted bank robber to count the company payroll and then act surprised when he makes off with the loot.

The Owens saga should send shivers down the spines of Raiders fans (if they had a spine) as they have their own problematic receiver Randy Moss. The former Vikings receiver has said the right things and acted like a model teammate during his first Raiders training camp.

As did T.O.

The shelf life of Owens model behavior lasted about a year--but that was during a Super Bowl season. The Raiders are not going to have that luxury as they are not going to go to the Super Bowl this season. Owens walked out of training camp and was making like Rocky Balboa in his driveway coming off a Super Bowl performance. This should send a red flag to Raiders fans that tigers cannot change their stripes and malcontent receivers do not turn into model citizens overnight.

"As long as we win, I'm just having fun," Moss said at the opening of training camp last week.

Uh, oh. Hopefully Moss finds Kerry Collins interceptions and overthrows fun. How many losses will it take before an unhappy Moss decides to run over a meter maid? The signs of a Moss meltdown are already starting to form as the grouch has already thrown former teammate Daunte Culpepper under the bus. And Culpepper is good. Moss put the Raiders on notice that he will have an Owens-type blow up. He has even apologized in advance for it.

"There is no telling what you are going to see," Moss said.

Sorry Randy, we actually have a pretty good idea of what we are going to see; and it is not good.


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Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Love the Last and Ten.

TJ Rubley said...

Reid has always been a wimp. He was on the sidelines at the Metrodome in 1995, when I led my famous charge. After driving my team to the 39, on 3rd downand only one yard to go, Holmgren lost his nerve and tried to call a quarterback sneak. That's when I audibled "The Rubley Rollout", and the rest is NFL history.

I trust TO's handling of the Reid problem. There's a time and a place for coaches to have their say. But Mike Holmgren did not have to throw that rollout.

Joe McDonnell said... the site. I'd be surprised if it was Giambi....his testing positive seemingly wouldn't be THAT big of a deal, considering his past. As soon as I can confirm the name, I'll have it on my site. Take care.......