Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Paging Rod Serling

Does anybody remember the old Twilight Zone episode (Time Enough at Last) that starred Burgess Meredith, where he played the bookworm who could never get enough time to read? Most Madden gamers could relate to that. There is always something--like work--that gets in the way.

The story begins:

"Witness Mr. Henry Bemis, a charter member in a the fraternity of dreamers. A bookish little man whose passion is the printed page but who is conspired against by a bank president and a wife and a world full of tongue-cluckers and the unrelenting hands of a clock. But in just a moment Mr. Bemis will enter a world without bank presidents or wives or clocks or anything else. He will have the world all to himself – without anyone."

Bemis (Meredith) loves to read. He sneaks into the vault at lunchtime to read and is knocked unconscious by a shockwave. When he wakes up, he discovers a nuclear war has destroyed the Earth. He decides to commit suicide until he sees a library. This is paradise to him, and he begins to organize books to read for years to come. Just as he settles down to read, his glasses slip from his face and smash, forever trapping him in a blurry world.

We feel your pain Mr. Bemis.

A broken left index finger has thwarted a perfectly planned evening of playing Madden football in a turn of Rex Grossman-like bad luck. The break occurred mere hours after penning, Confessions of a Madden Addict (see below). Instead of gearing up for another season of Las Vegas Rat Pack football, a broken finger will keep us out of action for weeks.

You can almost here the Twilight Zone music and epilogue now:

"The best-laid plans of mice and men – and NFL Adam, the man who wanted nothing but time to play a video game. NFL Adam, now just a part of a broken landscape, just an erased memory chip, just a crashed X-Box hard drive of what he has deeded to himself... NFL Adam in the Twilight Zone."


Lawrence said...

Now you'll be able to live up to your obligation of spending more "quality time" with your girlfriend. You better update your Netflix registry and load up on chick flicks. Bummer, dude.

Flash said...

Aww. If it's not your thumbs though maybe you can still play (???)