Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Owens Takes Ball and Goes Home

Eagles receiver Terrell Owens walked out of training camp on Wednesday after a spat with coach Andy Reid who reportedly asked the enigmatic receiver to leave the club's training facility at Lehigh University.

Owens, obviously still starved for attention, then returned to his home in Moorestown, where he was shooting free throws on his driveway basketball court around 4:15 p.m. so reporters could see him. Owens had been held out of practice to rest a sore groin. does, of course, recommend basketball to rest a sore groin.

Owens, whose mouth is in regular-season form, quickly turned the incident around to predictably blame his coach as Donovan McNabb was not around to blame this time.

"I mean, if he (Reid) wants to be a man about it and really have me go on the air and tell people what happened, then I can," Owens said. "But it was a difference of opinion."

On radio station WIP, former NFL player Gary Cobb said he had talked to an unidentified Eagles player today who said the dispute started over Owens' morning workout.

According to Cobb, the player told him that Owens was supposed to be off today in order to rest his strained groin muscle and Reid was upset to see him running pass routes with a trainer at full speed. When Reid suggested that if Owens felt good enough to run routes all out, he should be good enough to attend practice, and the player told Cobb that the argument escalated from there.

It is clear to see that Reid is the one to blame here. How dare that ogre ask his star receiver to participate in practice? Especially when he is barely making enough money to feed his family (that does not live with him). Why is Owens constantly being persecuted?


Charger Ray said...

Sounds like this will be a long old out. I read on another site that he is flying back to Atlanta. The eagles should fine him until he's decides to honor his contract.

The Franchise said...

Al Davis must be licking his chops at the possibility of snatching up another talented misfit.

Lawrence said...

Why would anyone be surprised at the antics of Terrell Owens? I never can understand why so many people hold so much stock in athletes with million dollar motor skills and 10 cent cognitive skills.