Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Martz's Inconsistency is Consistent

St. Louis returned to normal on Monday night. No, it was not the return of "The Greatest Show on Turf." Those days are long gone. Instead it was the return of the inconsistent St. Louis team that look like the reincarnate of the AAFC Cleveland Browns one week, and an incompetent Mike Martz-coached team the next. St. Louis tantalized its fans on Monday as it pasted the Lions, 37-13, as Martz showed those fans in Missouri what his team was capable of.

The victory came one week after the Chargers drubbed St. Louis in an exhibition game.

"Coach talked about making a statement on Monday night," running back Steven Jackson said.

That statement screamed that Martz is still just as in over his head today as he was when he and John Shaw pushed Dick Vermeil into retirement five years ago. Martz was so perturbed and panicked at St. Louis' drubbing in San Diego that he turned off the air conditioning in the team's indoor practice facility, ordered extra wind sprints before and after practice, along with tackling drills for the first-team defense.

It obviously provided a one-game stopgap for St. Louis's problems. Of course, most coaches would rather save such drastic measures for--you know--the regular season of the playoffs. But leave it to Martz to show what is really important.

"Coach kind of challenged us this week to come out against Detroit, and play well, and we did that on both sides of the ball," said Torry Holt.

It still does not address the bigger issue that Martz commonly uses these tactics that work for one week, but then fall upon deaf ears the next. Martz has badgered and bullied his teams in the past, yet it cannot seem to ever find any consistency. This victory on Monday only illustrates that point. Fans in Missouri should ask Martz to "Show me the consistency." Sadly he will not. Instead, St. Louis will only be reliable in fueling its fans hopes up, only to dash them into the FieldTurf in the wake of another mediocre season.

But Martz is the genius.


St. Louis has released kicker Remy Hamilton, reliving itself of the only redeeming part of the franchise.

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