Monday, August 01, 2005

Have We Been Too Harsh on Raiders Fans?

The headline jumped off the MSN home page, "Five Stabbed outside of Stadium." We had to consider for a moment that the Raider mentality does extend to other fan bases. Maybe we have been too harsh on Raiders fans. Maybe it does happen in other stadiums. Raiders fans--in a rare moment of sobriety--love to tell you that every fan base has idiots, not just the Raiders.

Then you read: "A man is accused of stabbing five people outside of Dodger Stadium.

But what does Dodger Stadium have to do with Raiders fans? For those new to the site, please read the latest chapter of Raiders Fans in the Mist III, The Raider Element Invading Dodger Stadium.

So typical. Thank you to the Raiders fans that continue to perpetuate the stereotype. The Hater Nation can continue to make jokes and relate stories because the Raiders fans continue to prove every anecdote correct. We cannot make this stuff up.

And before you say, "It was a T-shirt vendor, not a Raiders fan... " We have seen these T-shirt vendors at other venues around Southern California. Almost all of them have a faded Raiders T-shirt from the Hostetler-era that even the people who buy counterfeit T-shirts wouldn't be seen in.

The police have said that the suspect got away in a black car, but they were able to piece together a lineup from this group of people (right). A police spokesman said that while members of this group might not be guilty of the stabbing, they are obviously guilty of something. For instance, the Joyce DeWitt-looking woman in the bottom left corner was recently detained on suspicion of running a bootlegging scam that involved importing Pabst Blue Ribbon across state lines.

More on this story to come.

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Why is that loser in a three-point stance in the corner?