Thursday, July 14, 2005

PacMan Arrested for Eating Dots

Tennessee Titans top draft pick Adam "Pacman" Jones surrendered to police Wednesday on charges of assault and felony vandalism stemming from a fight at a nightclub. Jones was released from custody after posting bond.

No word on weather Jones was arrested by Nashville police officers, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde.

In a court appearance, nightclub owner and former member of the AFL's original Nashville Kats, Robert Gaddy said Jones grabbed his shirt, hit him and broke his necklace after Gaddy asked three of Jones' friends to leave the club. Gaddy told police he asked Jones' friends to leave because "they were smoking drugs."

Gaddy also is, according to reports, a good friend of Steve McNair and other members of the Titans, which means that this must really be a serious issue for him to not sweep this under the rug.

The growing list of the NFL's incarcerated players is nothing new. But what is new is the way that the Titans have responded to the incident. Most teams will put out a press release urging thepublicc to let the courts go through its legal process. Not the Titans.

Yesterday, Titans owner Bud Adams joined General Manager Floyd Reese and Coach Jeff Fisher in strongly worded statement concerning Jones.

"Actions of this nature are disappointing and do not represent the values of this organization," part of the statement said. "Unfortunately we realize that some young players go through a maturing process to become professionals that includes decision-making, choosing friends, appropriate behavior, etc.

"Jones has not finished that maturing process, despite team and league efforts."

Wow. When was the last time that an NFL team threw one of its players under the bus like that? And it's not like Jones is some bit player or special teams star. This is a guy that is expected to either start or to see significant playing time with the Titans. It's about time NFL teams started holding its players accountable for their actions, despite their standing on the depth charts. Hopefully more NFL teams will follow suit with the wave of arrests that have tarnished the league this summer.

But we won't hold our breath.

Could you imagine the Raiders ever doing something like this? If the player was useless like Barrett Robbins, they would. Not somebody they are playing to start. If anything, the Raiders are probably looking for a way to acquire Jones.


Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor has turned down a plea bargain and will instead stand trial. We have only two words for the embattled star, Darryl Henley.

Portions of this story was taken from the Associated Press.

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bucky said...

I think Taylor had to turn down the plea deal. It was gonna result with him doing several years in the pokey. Of course, he could still get several years if he's convicted at trial, so he better get a really good mouthpiece. Too bad Johhny C isn't available; I think Taylor is gonna need the Chewbacca defense.