Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday Evening Post

ESPN believes it is the worldwide leader in sports. Commentator John Madden has other thoughts. The legendary broadcaster and purveyor of the world's best NFL video game has decided to take his act to NBC in 2006.

Madden will complete his fourth season with ABC, before bolting to NBC when the Monday Night Football contract is kicked over to ESPN. A read between the lines shows that Madden feels that he's above the sports network that has offered such innovative television such as Tilt, Around the Horn,Cold Pizza, and Chris Berman.

The bottom line is that Madden is big time and he doesn't feel that ESPN is in the same league. Or maybe he wants to be back with NBC for the return of the XFL.

He Has Returned

A lot of football players have a "God" complex. Florida State quarterback Wyatt Sexton took it a little too far.

Sexton was found wandering on the streets of Tallahassee, doing pushups in an intersection and claiming that he was either God, or the Son of God. Florida State made a mistake by allowing one of the players to make a statement.

"His health is the most important thing right now and not this football team," said center David Castillo, who has been the team's informal spokesman.

The main rule of the "Hollywood Publicists Handbook" says that you blame dehydration for the outburst. Sexton can't fall back on the "researching the role" thing, unless he was striving to become the next Barrett Robbins.

Expect the Raiders to select Sexton in the supplemental draft.

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