Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Two things about Dodger Stadium Fight Club

"It was disgusting the way those fans behaved. They're a disgrace to the U.S.A. What gives them the right to throw things at ballplayers?" -- Tommy Lasorda on Giants fans after they pelted Mike Marshall with debris on April 21, 1987.

What must poor Tommy think about the way Dodgers fans have behaved recently?

Tommy, along with various Dodgers players, has filmed PSAs aimed at curbing fan violence at Dodger Stadium. Hope he filmed one for Milton Bradley to watch, too. The PSAs have started to appear on the Dodger Stadium scoreboard and have cemented Dodgers fans transformation into full-blown Raiders fans, like Anakin Skywalker transforming into Darth Raider. It's a similar move the Raiders made during their L.A. tenure when they had Bob Golic's voice greet fans at the LA Coliseum and implore them not to stab Chargers fans.

And we all know how well that worked.

The PSAs might be a nice sentiment, but do you actually believe that any of the thugs that are showing up at Dodger Stadium to brawl and throw rocks respect the opinion of Tommy Lasorda? Do they even realize that Lasorda was once the manager of the Dodgers? It’s highly unlikely. If the Dodgers really wanted to film a PSA that had an impact, they would just 50 Cent or Big Juan film it.


Why should the Dodgers try to curb violence when it has such a rich tradition in club history?.

Not sure whether it is a Dodgers fans sight or not, but it's damn funny. They even poke fun at the Angels, but who cares?


The Packers will honor Reggie White this year during their home opener with the Cleveland Browns on on September 18.

As part of the promotion, the Packers will be giving free or discounted tickets to groups of 18 or more Hispanics that can prove that they live together, Asians with televisions made from toaster oven components, and Euro-American males with calculators.

Uppity women will not be allowed into Lambeau Field that day.


At what point is an employee forced into work celebrations? We're not two weeks into our new job--hadn't received a paycheck--and yet we were still handed two birthday cards to sign and a plate full of cake to eat on Tuesday.

It's a nice sentiment and you don't want to come off like Elaine Benes, but what exactly are you supposed to write on a person's birthday card after you have known them--work wise--for nearly two weeks? It's especially daunting when both women aren't up on your typical brand of humor.

A "rock-out with your cock out" might have been funny at a previous employer, but that just seemed like something that would have us looking for a new line of work.

There should be a moratorium on mandatory work-related celebrations. Much like they have a probationary period for benefits and holiday pay, a worker shouldn't be subjected to signing a co-workers birthday card until well after that period has passed.

And if--God forbid--you ever start work near Christmas time. Do yourself a favor and don't look for a job from the end of Thanksgiving until a day after February 15 (hence being stuck paired up with a homely co-worker for Valentine’s Day).

That's a public service announcement the Hater Nation would like to film for all incoming employees.

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