Friday, June 17, 2005

The Roundup

It was almost too good to be true.

The Chargers had a break-out performance in 2004 and has looked poised for a run at the Patriots this season. But putting faith in the Chargers is a lot like taking a nap on top of a house of cards... It's very precarious.

And after the whole Ryan Leaf thing, who can blame Chargers fans for being a little hesitant to accept good fortune?

The first little trickles of what could be a tidal wave of misfortune to make up for last year have already started to reach the San Diego shores. Offensive guard Toniu Fonoti, who was a day late to the team's minicamp last weekend, did not practice because of a swollen left ankle caused by a spider bite.

There's something you see on the injury report every week. Knee sprain, concussion, spider bite. That fits.

Back linebacker and special teams standout Carlos Polk suffered a torn left Achilles tendon during an offseason workout session on Wednesday and may miss the entire 2005 season. That's about right.

The hold-out of top draft pick Shawne Merriman (which has become an annual event for Chargers draftees) should probably now be looked upon as a boon. Merriman was unwilling to risk injury in minicamp without a signed contract.

Looks like Merriman knows Chargers history better than anybody else.

But look at the bright side of things San Diego, it could be worse. You could be the Cleveland Browns.

On The Road Again

Ricky Williams began his return to Miami on Monday when he packed some of his belongings into his Volkswagen Fiala and began driving from Northern California. That leads to an interesting problem.

If a stoned-running back leaves Sacramento traveling at 70 miles per hour, how many AM/PM microwaved burritos is he going to consume before he gets to Oklahoma?

The Word God

Florida State coach and deity Billy Sexton released a statement about Wyatt Sexton, the son of God and Florida State quarterback, that said, "Wyatt is under the care of physicians for a medical problem, and at this time he will remain under their care. His doctors have informed us that drug abuse is not the problem."

So Wyatt spent a weekend at a Dave Matthews concert, turning water into wine and we are to believe that he didn't take a sip? Yeah, right.

Now we know what happened during those missing years.

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