Friday, June 03, 2005


The 49ers announced on Friday that it canceled a contract with Paris Hilton, who was the film the club's 2005 sensitivity training video. Vice President of Communications, Kirk Reynolds said it would be inappropriate at this time and will instead film a private video with Hilton, due out this fall.

The Washington Redskins are in hot water too, regarding a sensitive video. Only the Redskins don't have Terry Donahue to blame.

The Redskins are under league investigation for running contact drills during mini-camp, a violation of the collective bargaining agreement. The league was alerted to a potential violation by watching clips of the club’s practice on the team's website.

Thankfully, there were no shots of coach Joe Gibbs in a towel.

And seriously, don't the Redskins really need all of the practice that they can get?

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb recently predicted that Terrell Owens would be at the training camp with the Eagles this season.

Owens, in response to McNabb’s prediction said, "I don't have to play football. I don't have to play for the Eagles. It doesn't matter what any of my teammates have said about me. That doesn't matter to me. All that matters to me right now is my family."

We've seen Owens play basketball. We've seen Owens try to dance. We've seen Owens try to act. Owens needs to play football.

Somebody finally stood up to Jerry Rice. New Broncos teammate Rod Smith refused to give up his number 80 jersey for the hasbeen receiver, saying it would be like "letting somebody sleep with my wife." Does anybody else think that football players, and athletes in general, have an unhealthy fascination with their uniform numbers?

Rice settled for number 19, after being turned down in his request to wear number 7.

Rice, you will remember, asked Seahawks legend Steve Largent to unretire his jersey last year when he signed in Seattle. Rice is saying and doing the right things with his new teammates. But you know the first time Jake Plummer doesn’t look for his way, Jerry is going to start complaining again. And he’ll likely blame the new jersey number, too.

Turns out that it might not be an easy transition for Ricky Williams to come back to the Dolphins. The Dolphins might have some serious issues with Ricky depending on his salary cap number.

The guy will be on the Raiders roster on opening day.

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